İstanbul - Turkey Fashion Trends of 2022

Designs related to 2022 fashion trends started to take place on the agenda. The authorities that will determine the fashion style of the next year share their predictions. One of the biggest innovations for those who want to follow the fashion of 2022 will be the project prepared by OTIAD. The platform, which includes Istanbul's leading fashion brands in four main categories (women, men, kids, and evening wear), will become the focal point of ready-made clothing buyers by presenting the latest products to industry professionals. The platform, where you can follow innovative fashion trends, where leading ready-made clothing manufacturers present their products, and where the opinions of distinguished fashion designers will be included, will also inform its visitors about fashion events. The platform will also inform professional visitors about fashion events, where you can follow innovative fashion trends, new products of leading Turkish ready-to-wear manufacturers, and also the latest designs of outstanding fashion designers.