New Trends & New Opportunities

Turkish apparel manufacturers boost their potentials by improving their global competitiveness

In the past decades, western apparel companies focused on the Far East for their global supply, seeking low-cost resources, sales growth, advantageous incentives, and strategic acquisition targets.

Soon after the COVID-19 crisis period, companies and governments at a macro scale focused on business continuity and supply chain risk and resilience management. This leads to a shift from globalization to regionalization.

Many fashion companies are moving production closer to the customers, which may be both more cost-effective, sustainability friendly and lead to a diversification of the supply chain which makes the business less vulnerable.

Turkey, thanks to its highly-skilled labor force and the favorable, strategic geographical location between Europe and Asia, has the potential to become a hub for export to third countries.

Turkey can seize the opportunity to become an even more attractive location for a regional ready to wear manufacturing, trade and logistics hub.

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